Plant Hire V’s Purchasing Equipment

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Whether you need plant equipment for a domestic project or in a commercial setting, plant hire certainly has its benefits for all. In this guide we will outline advantages and disadvantages of opting for plant hire as opposed to purchasing plant equipment outright.

Cost Effective – One of the main benefits of plant hire is the fact this it is a much more cost effective alternative when you compare it to buying plant equipment outright. Some plant machinery can cost well into the thousands of pounds which can really put unnecessary strain on your budget, so it just makes more sense to hire the same equipment for a fraction of the cost and without putting unnecessary strain on your budget. You don’t have to hire the machinery for the entire length of the project, just as and when you need it, helping to save even more money.

Flexibility – Plant hire is very flexible and can be tailored to your needs. You will be able to choose the most appropriate tools and equipment as and when you need them, as often during a construction project there are unforeseen obstacles that present that means you have to change your plan of action, when this happens you can simply change your tools and equipment for more suitable ones for the task at hand. Also, if anything goes wrong with the machinery the plant hire company will replace or repair the item for you leaving you with no downtime whereas when you make an outright purchase on a piece of equipment it would be your responsibility and at your cost to get it repaired or replaced.

Latest Equipment – There are many logistical concerns within the construction sector. One major issue involves the presence and use of outdated equipment. Machinery that is in poor working condition can cause downtime and delays. Furthermore, safety is always a very real concern. There are instances when faulty equipment will violate government regulations; resulting in substantial penalties and even causing a project to come to a grinding halt which is the last thing anyone wants on a construction project. None of this will have to be of concern if you choose plant hire. All units are guaranteed to have been maintained to the highest of standards. They are regularly serviced and as a result, their efficacy and reliability will never be called into question. If something does go wrong with a piece of plant equipment that you have hired then it won’t be your responsibility, the plant hire company will repair or replace the equipment meaning you have little to no downtime at no extra cost.

No Onsite Storage Issues – Another advantage of plant hire is that you will not have to worry about onsite storage. It can also save money if you are renting a warehouse to store equipment for your project. This also reduces security concerns that you may have as all the equipment will be stored by your plant hire company taking some of the stress away from you.

Downsides – There are some instances where purchasing plant equipment may be more beneficial to you, this often applies with long term valuable assets, something that is going to be required on a regular basis and used frequently, it often makes more sense to purchase that piece of equipment oppose to having to hire it regular.

TDL Grab Hire Ltd have a vast range of plant equipment and tools available for hire. If you want to find out more or hire plant machinery, then contact us on – 01302 867 865

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