Grab Lorries Capacity: All You Need to Know


If you need to get rid of a large amount of construction or industrial waste, then you have probably tried or even considered plenty of solutions already. With there being so many solutions out there it can be quite hard to decide which is the right waste removal solution that suits your needs and budget.

Garb Lorries are a brilliant solution to removing large amounts of waste, find out all you need to know about grab lorries and their capacity in this blog.

What Is A Grab Lorry?

Grab Lorries, commonly known as grab hire is a type of truck that has an hydraulic arm and bucket to collect and remove large amounts of waste. Other than removing large quantities of waste in one trip, grab Lorries are particularly famed for their ability to collect debris from otherwise inaccessible places. This means that if there’s limited access to the site in which you need the waste removed from, a grab lorry can still get the job done.

What Is A Grab Lorries Capacity?

The grab lorry capacity much depends on how wide the vehicle is, the volume of material you need removed, and its location. Here’s a brief summary of different grab Lorries carrying capacities

  • A 4-Wheel grab lorry can haul up to 8 tons
  • A 6-wheel grabber truck will carry up to 12 tons of waste
  • An 8-Wheel grab lorry capacity is up to 16 tons.


  1. Construction Waste

Construction waste, for example, demolished building materials such as broken concrete and paving slabs, bricks and rubble from a demolition project can be taken away by the truck.

  1. Muck Away

Muck away refers to inert waste such as mixed soil, clay, stone, concrete, and chalk. This type of waste is also accepted by grab Lorries, but it must be separated first.

  1. General Recyclable Waste

Some of the debris cleared under this category include garden waste such as trees, off cuttings, and hedge trimmings. Also, if your project involves digging and getting rid of a lot of earth and soil, you can rely on grab hire services. However, you need to make sure that the waste, whether garden waste or soil, is non-hazardous. In other words, if the area you’re working on has previously been, or is contaminated with chemical spills, it would be dangerous if it ends up mixing with recyclable waste collected by the company before your waste was taken.

What Kind of Waste Can Grab Lorries Not Remove?

Grab lorry companies are usually under the regulation of government environmental agencies and must comply with the rules and regulations set by these agencies. This means that although a grab hire will remove almost any type of waste, most companies won’t accept waste that’s too toxic to bury or recycle.

For example, most grab hires won’t remove battery-related waste as it’s hazardous and toxic. Most good grab hires will also not take on a job if it involves clearing asbestos, paints, and oils, or tires.

Also, as mentioned previously, a grab hire company won’t remove your waste if it contains chemical spills or if it’s contaminated.

In a nutshell, if your project waste is toxic and hazardous, you may need to look for other ethical ways to dispose it. On the bright side, most grab hire companies are often aware of other waste removal companies that would be willing to clear your toxic waste and will advise you on where to turn to if they can’t offer their services.

If you need to hire a grab lorry to get rid of your waste in Doncaster or the surrounding areas, then contact TDL Grab Hire today – 01302 867 865

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