Grab Hire: Why Use it for Site Clearance?


You only really have two options when you have a construction site that needs clearing – skip hire or grab hire. While skips are quite versatile and come in a range of different sizes from small skips that will hold up to 3 cubic yards to much larger ones that hold up to 40 cubic yards, when you have a significant amount of waste to clear the best option is to call on the services of a grab hire company.

How Does Grab Hire Work?

Grab hire lorries have a hydraulic grabber arm attached to them to move waste, rubble, topsoil and other such materials from a site with ease. It is moved directly into the lorry and once full it is immediately taken away to be disposed of appropriately. This is what makes this option perfect if you have a large amount of waste to be removed or the use of a skip is impractical for your project.

Advantages of Grab Hire

Grab hire lorries are much more efficient than skips when you take into consideration how quick it is, how much it costs and how much waste it can move in one go.

Remove more waste in less time – In most instances a grab lorry can handle twice as much waste as a skip and if you can get an 8-wheeled grab lorry it will be able to remove the equivalent of 3 skip loads in one go! This is much more convenient and it also saves time as you wouldn’t have to try and organise the delivery and collection of three skips!

It can also be quite time consuming trying to fill three skips – it makes no sense to manually move waste into a skip when a grab lorry can move it for you in a fraction of the time.

Versatile – Grab lorries are capable of moving all types of waste from topsoil to large pieces of concrete and even every day domestic waste for non-commercial customers.

All you have to do is keep all the waste in one place in a pile and the grab lorry will do the rest.  All waste can be collected either loose or in skip bags.

Mobile – a skip is a permanent fixture on a site, however a grab lorry will be able to quickly enter the site, clear the waste and then leave which minimises disruption to the working day.

A permit is not required for a grab lorry to park on the road and it is also able to remove waste from areas that seem inaccessible thanks to its extended reach of the hydraulic arm.

If you need any more information on grab hire or would like to hire one of our grab hire lorries for your commercial or domestic site clearance then contact TDL Grab Hire Ltd today – 01302 867 865


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