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Grab hire has multiple benefits for construction projects, find out all you need to know in the post below.

Grab Lorries Have Double the Capacity of Skips – It may seem excessive to hire a grab lorry to remove waste from your site given the size of them. However, it is their size that makes them ideal many different jobs. Any job that involves getting rid of the old and replacing with the new will generate large amounts of waste, and in most cases a skip will not be big enough. So, in most situations people tend to find that a grab lorry is the most efficient way to dispose of construction waste.

Cost EffectiveGrab lorries can save you money. A grab lorry comes with a one-off rental fee. You do not need to pay money in permit fees that you would need to do for a skip, and there is no labour involved to fill the lorry. You only need to rent the grab lorry for its one trip, opposed to paying rent for a skip for a number of days or even weeks. All of these aspects can end up saving you money.

Less Work – Filling skips is no easy task, everything has to be lifted over the rim and thrown inside, this isn’t so much of a problem with small waste however, larger items can make backbreaking work! With a grab lorry, you don’t need to worry about this part at all. The grab arm can pick up construction waste and deposit it into the lorry. The process is also super-fast, generally taking an average of 20 minutes to fill a lorry with up to 15 cubic metres of waste.

Grab Lorries Can Remove Almost All Waste Types – Because grab lorries can pick up waste with their hydraulic grab arm, they can remove almost any type of waste. Things that would be too heavy to lift, such as whole trees or cement slabs can pose a big problem if all you have on hand is a skip. A grab lorry, on the other hand, will be able to pick up and dispose of this type of waste with ease.

They Are Agile – A huge benefit of garb lorries is how agile they are. They can park within most grounds and often areas that a skip couldn’t be placed. The grab arms are also able to remove hard to access waste that would take a long time and a lot of effort to remove if done by hand. This makes them a great option to use if you need to get rid of waste in places such as behind walls or fences.

You Don’t Need Permits – In order to have a skip placed at your property you will have to apply for a permit to ensure that it is not going to be obstructing traffic or pedestrians. In order to gain a permit, you will have to apply and pay for it and then wait for a few days for the permit to arrive. If you hire a grab lorry, however, you can do this without the need for a permit and it can be arranged in a shorter time frame.

Grab Lorries Can Deliver – A cost-effective and convenient advantage of grab lorries that is often overlooked is that they can not only remove construction site waste but can also deliver materials. So, if you have some raw materials that need to be delivered, such as sand, soil, or rock, you can take advantage of your grab lorry hire and arrange for it to collect these materials before coming to the job site. Once onsite, the grab lorry can quickly and easily offload the raw materials and then load up the waste that you need removing.

Construction waste removal is an often-overlooked aspect of building and construction projects that can quickly add on time, labour and expense to a project. If you are tackling something that is going to generate a lot of waste – then using a grab lorry might be just the answer you were looking for.

If you need to hire a grab lorry in Doncaster or the surrounding areas for waste removal or aggregate delivery, then contact TDL Grab Hire today – 01302 867 865

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