How ‘Be My Social’ Helped Us to Transform Our Business

We’re proud of our family’s work in serving the people of Yorkshire for ovoer 50 years. We provided coal, logs and other solid fuels whatever the weather.

We worked hard in the cold months and took time to prepare to do it again in the warm seasons.

As times change, we must change with them. We’ve continued to comply with evolving environmental requirements – making the move to smokeless fuels and kiln dried logs (which are more environmentally friendly due to lower moisture creating less smoke).

So we have history in serving our community. Delivering on time and on demand… from our family to yours.

In 2020 and beyond, we’re determined to expand and offer a greater range of products and services that will sustain our family company year-round, and help us to contribute to the local economy as we grow and recruit in the years ahead.

So now, we also offer a wide range of landscaping supplies, such as aggregates, railway sleepers, turf, sand and topsoil.

We’re ready to deploy our grab hire vehicles to drop off the materials you need, and dispose of the waste from your projects. Again, whatever the weather, whenever you need us.

Making the move to expand from fuel wasn’t easy. We needed to work with a company that would help us to rebrand while maintaining a strong message on social media that we still offered our traditional products.

We worked with a Doncaster marketing agency called ‘BeMySocial’ – they got to work in redesigning our Facebook page, and introducing our brand to Twitter and LinkedIn.

They consulted with us at every step, and always went above and beyond to give the same kind of service that we always took pride in delivering to our own customers.

Thanks to them, sales of our new products grew quickly, while our existing products continued to be shown and communicated to our customers.

Followers, likes, shares and engagements were all up dramatically thanks to their daily posting schedule.

They even took the time to create this site for us, and will continue to support us as we work to expand the business and build on our family name.

For more information on what they can do for your business, visit

We couldn’t be happier that we did exactly that.

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